Roll No. 268


Roll No. 268 Cinestill 800T

This film is quickly becoming my favorite film to shoot. If you're not already familiar with this high-speed, tungsten-balanced motion picture film, you're in for a treat. Motion picture film, you know, the reels of stuff they make movies with, usually comes with a thin layer (remjet backing) to serve a few purposes. One, it provides anti-halation properties (internal reflections on the film base) and aids with lubrication when used with high speed motion picture cameras. In the case of Cinestill, made possible by The Brothers Wright, that layer has been systematically removed and lends the film dreamlike characteristics with pleasing results. With this in mind, I decided to load up a roll while on a date at one of our favorite ice cream spots - The Milky Way in Regina, Saskatchewan. I especially love the way my subjects were rendered under white fluorescent lighting; there's something about the red and white that completely does it for me. I shot a dozen or so frames while eating a vanilla-chocolate twist, chocolate-dip with peanuts and packed it up for the night. It wasn't until the weekend until I finished the roll and for this, I had other plans; this time around, I was on the hunt for neon. I think I have always been drawn to neon lighting. Now that it's becoming less commonplace in today's world, it's all that much more intriguing to me. I finished the roll rather quickly and I may have been pushing it a bit but I must say I was very happy binge-shooting this one single neon light. Cinestill 800T shot with Canon Elan II with Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART Scanned with Pakon F135+ Exposed at EI 1600 Pushed 1 stop in development

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